One of the biggest problems that smart contract engineers and developers of decentralized applications face is unwanted BOT attacks. Although bots can serve some useful purposes, they are often created with malicious intentions. For a very long time, developers have struggled to find efficient ways to restrict certain smart contract functionalities from bots.
Web3Captcha is a smart contract middleware interface that would enable developers to restrict bots from executing certain functions in a smart contract by verifying that they are humans. The protocol includes a database of obscure images with text as NFTs which contributors can transcribe for a reward in the form of CAPTCHA tokens. Developers will be charged a small fee for integrating this middleware interface into their decentralized applications to enable them to distinguish between human and bot actions. The Web3Captcha protocol is currently being audited and is set to go live on October 1st 2022.
TypingBears is a precursor dapp for the Web3Captcha protocol. Midway through the development of the Web3Captcha protocol, our team was discussing effective marketing strategies and stumbled upon an idea that we would like to experiment with. Consumer product manufacturers often give out free samples of their product to potential users in order to get them to understand their value proposition and hopefully convert them into loyal customers. Similarly, instead of spending the $200,000 our team allocated to marketing on paid advertisements with several social media platforms, the Web3Captcha project team would like to provide those funds to potential users of the protocol.
In order to get people familiar with the concept of earning tokens from typing some text, we decided to build TypingBears, a precursor protocol to web3captcha which will reward users with tokens for playing a typing speed game. The funds we dedicated towards marketing will be used to provide initial liquidity to the $TYPN token - the reward token for the TypingBears protocol. This precursor project concept is the first of its kind! Our team hopes that the success of this project will provide a blueprint for future projects in the web3 space.
A lot of defi and gamefi protocols spend most of their marketing budget on paid advertisements on several web2 social platforms. Precursor projects represent a paradigm shift in the Web3 marketing ecosystem. Introducing a protocol to users by rewarding them for using a minimum viable version which demonstrates a core concept that the developer wants users to become abreast with. Typing to Earn a reward is a novel concept within this space and we want to use the TypingBears project to hopefully garner loyal users.
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