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25 June 2022: The Precursor Protocol Concept is Born

Midway through the development of the Web3Captcha protocol, the team decided to work on a precursor protocol in parallel with web3captcha. The goal was to introduce users to the type-to-earn concept and allocate marketing funds to potential users.

21 July 2022: Smart Contract for DAPP

Our backend engineers completed the development of the smart contracts governing the NFT minting contract and the TYPN token distribution to reward users for using the TypingBears DApp

07 August 2022: Frontend for Typing Game Web App

A frontend application was developed to interact with the TypingBears smart contracts. This DApp includes a typing speed game that rewards users with TYPN tokens for typing faster than an assigned words-per-minute target

19 August 2022: Marketing Kickoff

Our marketing efforts kicked off with the establishment of our twitter, telegram and discord accounts. The team will organically promote the TypingBears project through these channels. Our goal is to determine if a precursor project which gives free money to potential users can be successful and provide a blueprint for Web3 protocols

27 August 2022 - 1:00 pm EST : TypingBears NFT Collection Mint

The frontend application for interacting with the TypingBears NFT collection will go live on this date. It’s a collection of 10,000 unique artwork of bears with alphabets required to play the typing speed game. TypingBears NFT owners will also be airdropped the Web3Captcha token in October when the protocol launches

28 August 2022 - 1:00 pm EST : TYPN Token Release

TYPN is the reward token in the Type-to-Earn ecosystem. The $200K initial liquidity will come from the marketing budget we set aside from the funds we raised from VCs in the spring. Additional funds from the NFT mint will also be added to the liquidity pool for users to earn for free by playing the typing speed game.

28 August 2022 - 2:00 pm EST : Typing Speed Game-Fi DApp goes live on BSC

This application will enable users to earn TYPN tokens by typing randomly generated paragraphs as quickly as they can within 60 seconds. If the user’s words-per-minute is higher than the typing speed target assigned to their TypingBears NFT, they can earn a fixed amount of tokens. The higher the typing speed target, the higher the reward

16 September 2022: Complete Web3Captcha Development

DApp and Smart contract for the Web3Captcha protocol will be completed and sent to Ether Authority and Paladin Blockchain Security for auditing.

01 October 2022: Web3Captcha Protocol goes live

TypingBears NFT holders will be airdropped the CAPTCHA token after the protocol contracts are deployed on the Binance Smart Chain

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